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Home decor design will never be separated from any aspects including color application. Color itself is a simple item that can change uninteresting and unattractive room into awesome and comfortable room. Lately, color is available in many choices known as color chart. In fact, no matter where it is applied, color and mood are two different matters which can’t be separated. Each matter impacts another especially in room decorating project. Do you know that color of your room actually can affect your mood?

There are so many colors known lately. Now, we are going to explain several of them only to give you sample for realizing how awesome color can change your mood. Let’s start it with the popular one then. Blue is a popular color that typically used to reflect something natural such as fresh water, sky and ocean. Psychologically, blue can take your blood pressure down. This color definitely can make everyone calm instantly only by seeing this color and mood in art.

Comparing with blue, red has opposite affect to your blood pressure. Instead of lower it as blue, seeing red will take your blood pressure up. Emotionally, red is certainly identical with energetic and bravery. Red itself can stimulate breathing and heart beat to be faster than usual. It seems that this vibrant color really can boost new spirit in your body. Green is next color that may affect your mood. Representing naturalism with its refreshing vegetation tone, green becomes the most famous color for decorating home interior. Green offers light ad easy tone for our vision improvement while trying to relax us anytime we are seeing it.

Brown is another color and mood chart we are going to talk about. As a neutral color, brown offers solid characteristic over the tone to bring kindness of nature. Unfortunately, brown can suggest sadness and wistful. Nonetheless, brown is still known as masculine color particularly for men.

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