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The Cork Countertops are now the most applied countertop model for both modern kitchen and minimalist kitchen since it has a unique design. In addition, the model of countertop really suits to interior of kitchen because it has authentic pattern. With eco-friendly material, even the other kitchen furnishings are made from fabric material, the kitchen embraces natural appearance. With durable way to design the main countertop of this model, every kitchen cabinet indeed so suits with this design.

Without having a long time to design the countertop and to produce it for the kitchen decoration, it only needs several times to adjust it with the kitchen furnishings. When the Cork Countertops DIY is integrated with the kitchen sink, indeed, the sliding bar to cover the kitchen sink is needed. Apparently, the countertop really looks so classy because the authentic pattern of countertop is shown completely while it reflects the main interior lamp. With DIY Project applied on the process of producing this countertop, sometimes, it needs more time to make one countertop.

When the wooden countertop is combined with other materials, such as granite or marble, it is better using those materials on the edge. The most enchanting part of this countertop is that the main material that is so eco-friendly. In addition, the kitchen design that is decorated in minimalist concept really suits the other decoration, such as the modern kitchen utensils, modern eating applicants and other stuffs.

Compared to authentic wooden countertop that is only polished with wooden varnish, it still looks so glossy. However, when the cork liquid is applied on the countertop of that wooden countertop, its upper layer has an extra glossy appearance. In brief, for those who want to re-polish their countertop, Recycled Cork Countertops is the perfect idea compared to other varnish models that are not eco-friendly.

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