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Due the lack of space, your studio apartment layout should be designed more carefully. This way, you can have a homey place to live without having to dread for the small space. Here are some inspiring studio apartment interior ideas to build both cozy and attractive place for you to live in.

Open floor plan is always a brilliant idea for studio apartment interior. This way, you can celebrate the more spacious feeling with larger look as part of your small studio apartment design ideas. Besides, you can decrease the possibility of cramped interior which may decrease the comfort. This Swedish modern apartment interior sports the clean white main color palette to incorporate any color seamlessly. The open plan wonderfully establishes connection from one corner to another. Looking at the dining space, you can find the DIY wooden table which will be perfect even for two persons.

Most of the times, privacy issue is often the main problem in small studio apartment. The lack of space sometimes doesn’t allow the room to afford extra divider which may result in cramped look instead. Yet it doesn’t mean your bedroom should be exposed to your public zone. You can be creative just by installing beautiful curtains to keep your bedroom hidden while adding dramatic decoration for your small apartment. Other way, you can use cool large shelf instead.

Living room versus bedroom is also one of most occurring problems when you live in a small studio. To trick the limited space available, you can simply opt for sofa bed which provides both functions day and night. If you still insist on separated living and bedroom, we suggest you to maximize the use of space over your head by lifting your bed. The loft bedroom is common for best studio apartment layout ideas too, as it may provide privacy desired for this private zone.

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