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Minimalist house concept indeed can be applied to Modern Styles Homes because it does not need much decoration for both exterior and interior. For the exterior design, with sloping design for the rooftop, the ceiling can be installed with wooden bars. In addition, painted in color combination of dark grey and pale grey, the exterior wall looks so fascinating. The green lawn that surrounds the house is indeed so lavish because the platform is installed with wooden floor installation. As a modern house, the house is divided with two compartments.

The first part is room that is designed with sloping rooftop so that its ceiling has similar design. Applied for living room, kitchen and dining room is also built in this compartment. With well-furnished decoration on the living room, modular cabinet is used as room divider. Separating the living room and the dining room, the interior Modern Styles Homes Design becomes more fascinating with such room divider. For the kitchen, wooden decoration dominates the decoration with barstools made from aluminum material.

The green lawn that surrounds the house is also very adorable because some pine trees are also planted on it. From the transparent window installed as main window on the first building, the outdoor can be seen perfectly from it. Move to the interior of another building, it is designed as family room, master bedroom and multimedia room. Since it is built in two story floor plan, the exterior of which really seems so fascinating.

For the floor plan that is designed in two parts of house, this kind of concept really suits to modern house. Moreover, the interior furniture applied is so enchanting for a modern house. Therefore, with the best floor plan construction, a minimalist concept of Modern Styles Homes Plans really suits the interior design along with the interior furniture.

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