How To Designing A Kitchen: Dos And Don’ts Important To Note

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In designing a kitchen, you cannot just simply place your kitchen cabinets and appliances anywhere you want to. It is important to remember that kitchen is no longer a place where we spend times for food prep. Nowadays, kitchen embraces different functions including as another spot to gather with family. Thus, it is necessary for kitchen to be ergonomic and attractive at the same time.

To be attractive, your kitchen interior definitely needs to be inviting and pleasing to see. Thus, it shall be comfortable as well as beautiful. Do not hesitate to be creative, including going back to the traditional rustic interior style to beautify your kitchen as seen in this gorgeous wooden kitchen. You can also find how designing a kitchen layout shall pay more attention to the needs too. Here, the U-shaped kitchen layout may afford high workflow and traffic while offering island with bar for informal dining area. Last but not least, the warm earthy color helps defining the comfort flawlessly.

The essential feature of kitchen is its cabinetry. The kitchen cabinetry should be installed based on your needs. Besides, the design should match the concept you are planning for your kitchen interior. We suggest you not to install the cabinets fall short from the ceiling since they collect dusts. Instead, build them up to ceiling for maximum storage capacity. The choice of material matters too. For example, as your small kitchen needs to be airy thus glass cabinet doors would be a great idea along with white paint color finish.

Even for your small kitchen, do not be greedy and fill every inch of your kitchen walls with cabinets. Spare some space for your kitchen to breathe, such as leaving empty wall space over your kitchen sink station. This way, you can take it as opportunity to add wall decoration by allowing interesting kitchen backsplash popping in your beautiful kitchen. We suggest you to design kitchen cabinet layout by using 3D kitchen design tools for great guidance and preview before starting installing the cabinets.

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