Magical Gourd Lamps For Main Lamp Installation Of House

Appealing Navy Gourd Lamps

Lamp is designed with various models with its function that may different for each lamp as for Gourd Lamps that are suitable for lamp of interior decoration. Designed in various types, the lamp also has different place as main panel for installing the lamp. Sometimes, the desk lamp should be placed on a nightstand, but it can also be placed on a drawer. Different from desk lamps, stand lamps are always designed to be able to illuminate brighter light than the desk lamp. Here, the lamp design called gourd is the best lamp installation with various installations and various models.

Taking the concept of wild realm or nature, the ornamental stones attached on the surface of the lamp makes it illuminates the brightest lamp. In addition, the main material of which is so unique that is made by the combination of fabric material and carbon material. The Gourd Lamp Shade that is mentioned before, it is used to attach the LED lamps. With its bright light, the lamp really embosses the brightest light for interior of house. In addition, the holder that is applied for stand lamp and desk lamp is made from animal’s skeleton so that this lamp is so attractive.

With global lampshade design with sculptural ornaments, besides using it as main lamp installation, it can perfectly make the interior of house looks so lavish. The illuminating light of LED lamps is also another reason why this lamp is so adorable that makes everyone want to have it on their house. The interior wall that is usually designed in minimalist concept is indeed so suitable for this kind of lamp installation.

Since the material of this lamp is made from the combination of rare materials, the price of which is a bit not affordable. However, for the result that is shown by its illuminating light, having this kind of lamp is a must. Therefore, for decorating interior of house, the Gourd Lamps DIY is the most suitable one.

Fantastic Fountain Of Dreams Designer Handcrafted Design Gourd Lamp

Gourd Lamps Festival 2013

Awesome Gourd Lamps Creations Leaves Art

DIY Gourd Lamps

Cozy Art Enthusiasts Gourd Lamps

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