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Bathroom is another essential room that each house should have besides kitchen as heart of house. Bathroom is a place where occupant spends their limited time every day to wash their body and do any nature activity. Just like other rooms in the house, bathroom needs a particular theme for decoration in order to it becomes comfortable and nice to visit anytime we need.

Well, since bathroom is where we can find gallons of water, this small room must have higher humidity level than other rooms at home. That’s why cleanliness is very essential to find in this room no matter what the small bathroom layout style is.

Well, although the function of bathroom is the same, the small bathroom layout ideas may be different according to several aspects including room space, shape, owner and budget. Here these are several ideas of bathroom design in small dimension concept. It is better to show you a case in which bathroom is found in various room conditions.

Thus, we can solve any problem that appears with those room conditions. The first bathroom model is simple. It looks narrowed yet higher with clean white color covering the wall and equipment.

To bring dryer and cooler accent inside the bathroom, grey stone tiles are attached over the center wall and flooring of the small bathroom. To give uncommon sense, the tile doesn’t appear in common square or rectangular shape as we usually find on kitchen backsplash. At this moment, the tiles of bathroom are intentionally manufactured in stick shape with white edge.

In general condition, having a decreased bathroom will effectively allow you to install two-in-one shower and bathtub unit. It is a kind of equipment that is designed with faucet for showering and tub for soaking. To add extra privacy, everyone can install shower curtain on the stainless steel or wooden rode installed horizontally between the walls. This is the simplest tip for having small bathroom layout ideas with shower.

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